Linking MSPA Certifications to ISS Account

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I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice regarding linking MSPA certifications to your ISS account? In the extended profile section on ISS it asks for an MSPA certification number. However, after doing a Google search, it seems that MSPA no longer offers certification numbers for courses you complete. Instead, this should all be linked to your MSPA account number. I just ended up just putting my MSPA account number into my profile. Has anyone else had any issues with this? I've noticed that a lot of different secret shopping sites still ask for certification numbers and I'm not sure if my certifications are registering.

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It doesn't really matter; I'm not certified and have never had any issues.

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Ok, thanks, that's helpful!

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How do I get certified

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Shonna_17157883182523 @ May 24, 2024, 2:07:49 PM
How do I get certified is the direct link for the certification part. It's also at the top of the ISS web page for ISS prep certifications.

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Hello. Im new to the program and honestly I'm lost. Where should I start and does anyone have any advice on the quickest way to get this going so that I can get some cash coming in . I hope that doesn't offend anyone but that is the reason I'm here and it is desperately needed ASAP! lol

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Welcome! I am relatively new to this forum. I think setting up your profile and extended profile is most important and then view the available shops in your area. Check the available shops and then the web/phone shops.

You may want to focus on those that pay without requiring spending money and waiting to be reimbursed.

Go to the MSP link and sign documents for all the mystery shopping companies that you are eligible to shop for.

Take assessments that teach you to use the website and those that are good to learn more for mystery shopping in general.

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